Development of Linux System for Bioinformatics Analysis Project


Linux is the main OS for heavy-duty computation for its reliability and security, it is used in supercomputers, internet servers, and even in embedded devices. It is an open-source OS which gives it a very short development cycle. Bioinformatics from its early development took advantage of the OS and all the serious big data bioinformatics is analyzed using tools only run under Linux. The current most famous bioinformatics distribution is Biolinux8 which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, it is outdated and users with limited Linux experience cannot properly use this distribution anymore. This project is aimed to extend the power of biolinux8 and implement novel design concepts that are friendly to novice users and provide a comprehensive toolbox for all bioinformatics users from experts to beginners.


Promote the international recognition of NURI which contribute to the initiation of collaborative efforts and bilateral agreements.

Increase the online traffic for NURI website through downloads of distribution.

Spread the culture of Opensource software in the scientific community in Sudan and internationally through training and workshops.

Design a User-friendly Linux system for bioinformatics.

Train NUSU staff and Students in using Linux in general and for bioinformatics purposes.

Design a System which encompass all bioinformatics tools and packages used by bioinformaticians.